Celebrity chef, Maria Liberati, has authored a number of cookbooks and short instructional books the most known being The Basic Art of Italian Cooking.

As the Social Media Publicity Intern, I was responsible for creating three major social media campaigns for three of Liberati’s books.

The Basic Art of Italian Cooking: Holidays and Special Occasions

This campaign focused on one of the special editions of Maria Liberati’s main book, The Basic Art of Italian Cooking. The publishing company wanted to create an element of warmth that the Holidays bring about and the book includes a couple of Italian holidays as well as many American holidays. The book includes many personal anecdotes from Maria’s family holidays and the company wanted readers to connect with her in a more personal way like they had been invited to her home for the holidays. This campaign was executed using HootSuite.

The Basic Art of Cocktails

The Basic Art of Cocktails is a mini book in the series of “The Basic Art of…” the collection includes cocktails, coffee, pizza, and many other favorites. This campaign was not only about promoting the book but also focused on educating readers on some of the basic elements and techniques in cocktail making. The campaign highlighted common ingredients, tools, and some recipes included in the book.
This campaign was executed using a combination of HootSuite and PostCron.

The Basic Art of Italian Cooking: DaVinci Style

The 3rd in the series, The Basic Art of Italian Cooking: DaVinci Style, highlights Italian dishes while taking a tour through Italy and telling stories from both Maria’s and DaVinci’s lives. With this campaign, the company wanted to highlight that the book is so much more than recipes but also has a lot of historical information and little-known facts about DaVinci like the publishing of his original poetic works. This campaign was executed using PostCron.

For a course on internet marketing, we were tasked to create a product which could be physical or something online like an app and then we created a marketing plan and website for the product.

My group chose to create an app called Thrive. This app would help students focus on main coursework and help you as an individual focus on spending more quality time with the ones around you, rather than being sucked into your phone. With two modes, student and social mode, users could choose to block a certain number of apps for a  set time period or blocking the content of their entire phone for a set time period.