In May, I took a giant leap of faith and signed up to become an Independent Distributor for SeneGence International, the makers of a smudge-proof lip color called LipSense as well as a number of other products. No other thing I’ve spent $55 on has earned me a paycheck.

Over the past six months, I have personally sold over $5,000 in retail value and I have a team of 11 distributors under me who I help to train, lead, motivate, and inspire every day.

Through a Facebook group of nearly 300 women, I strive to create a community where these women feel comfortable sharing their experiences, asking questions, and where they can come for a confidence boost.

Being an independent distributor means that while I am employed by and function under the guidelines of SeneGence International, I am responsible for choosing what I use for sales promotions and how I advertise them. Below are the two side of a brochure I created as a piece of a promotion for a trio of our long lasting creme to powder eyeshadow, ShadowSense. For a specific week, each customer who bought three ShadowSense colors paid just $60 (Regular $22 each) and they also received a blending brush and this brochure with their order.

As well as running my own business, I also help 11 other distributors start and run their businesses. Because they are all on my team and have signed up either directly or indirectly under me, I am responsible for training and leading these women to be successful with their own businesses.

One of the ways I have chosen to lead my team and motivate them each week is through giving them all a weekly challenge to complete.

Some challenges have a direct incentive attached but others are just about furthering their business or personal development.