Relay For Life is the largest fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Each April at RIT, we put on a 12-hour overnight event in the Gordon Field House where hundreds of students gather together to fight back against cancer. 


During my time at RIT, I was a member of the executive board acting as the public relations representative for Colleges Against Cancer (the club that puts on Relay For Life) as well as the event leadership team as both the publicity/graphic design chair and the on-campus marketing chair. 


As the publicity representative for Colleges Against Cancer, I was not only responsible for spreading the word on our campus but on our social media pages as well. 

On the left is a graphic I created for our Facebook and Instagram pages. On the right is a flyer I created to advertise our pre-holiday event in December. 

As a population, the RIT community responds much better to things that stick out and to events rather than the generic flyer. Paint the Campus Purple is a week-long event which comprises a series of events the week leading up to Relay For Life to generate excitement for the event, sign up last-minute participants, and pre-register those who have previously signed up for the event.

At the beginning of this Paint the Campus Purple week, we also adorned the campus with a large number of purple ribbons tied around lamp posts, trees, and railings along the most trafficked paths. These ribbons were also in combination with a number of posters both smaller 11x17 and large wide format posters hung along these same paths.

The ending to Paint the Campus Purple week came at the event where I sponsored and put together a drive for the Hope Lodge of Rochester. The Hope Lodge is a place where cancer patients and their caregivers can stay free of charge while they are traveling or receiving treatment and is funded by the American Cancer Society. The drive took place at the event and people were encouraged to bring items directly from a wish list provided by the Hope Lodge of items they are in need of. Every participant who brought items from the list were awarded spiRIT points towards some of our team prizes at the end of the night.

These posters were two of four in a series that was hung along with the ribbons and larger posters. They are a product of my design as well as a photoshoot I coordinated with our committee members and one of our photography students who is also a member of the event leadership team.

All four years I was both at RIT and involved with Relay For Life, I was responsible for designing t-shirts for each year’s event. This is just a sampling of the numerous t-shirts I designed over the course of four years.